Dell Streak Pre-Released Mini Tablets Not Running on AT&T 3G Bands, Apparently

August 3, 2010, By Atul Roach

The early occupants of the Dell Streak mini tablets may have been over the moon for possessing the device early but AT&T, as always, have played the spoiled sport in this case as well. If some highly rated forums are to be trusted, the users of the Dell Streak will not be able to take advantage of the AT&T 3G bands.

In the most simplest of terms, this implies that the users will not be able to use any AT&T voice and data plans leaving their Streaks’ functional only on WiFi.

The precise reason for this move is still a mystery (although we know AT&T for sure), but a widely accepted belief is that it has got something to do with the end of the beta program. There were a number of SIM cards that were provided as part of the beta program and there is every hint that this program is now a history.

Another bunch of users though believe that using other SIM cards enables the device to operate normally again, though some problems can still be experienced.

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