Sprint And ZTE Team Up To Release 3G/WiFi Hotspot-Enabled iPod Touch Case?

August 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A 3G and WiFi hotspot-enabled touch case created by ZTE and Sprint, has been rumored to be designed for Apple’s iPod Touch device. The case for the iPod Touch named Peel, which is waiting for FCC approval and had its pictures released on the Internet, has been said to be able to function as a 3G or WiFi mobile hotspot, benefiting other devices within its range including the iPod Touch placed inside it.

The Peel is powered by a battery of its own, which can be charged from a wall adapter or a computer using the mini USB port that is present in the case. However, other features of the case have not been revealed yet. The device also does not feature a dock connector.

While ZTE has manufactured the gadget, Sprint will offer 3G and WiFi connectivity for it through its network. The device reportedly is Sprint’s way of gaining access to Apple’s huge customer base.

Though ZTE and Sprint have not announced a launch date for the Peel, ZTE would have to rush to begin shipping of the gadget, as the next-generation iPod Touch could be released by the end of summer, which could force ZTE to change the Peel’s design all over again.

Check out more pics of the Peel below:

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