RIM BlackBerry Services Likely To Be Crippled In The UAE From October

August 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Privacy issues are proving to be a bane for RIM’s BlackBerry. Charges of security risks concerning the BlackBerry browser, e-mail and Messenger have invited a ban on BlackBerry in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE has said that it would begin blocking BlackBerry services starting this October.

It is being pointed out by the nation’s administration that security risks stem from encrypted data that left the region, preventing them from spying and detecting possible illegal acts. In case a total blockade is resorted to by the UAE, it would amount to totally crippling RIM’s sales in the region. It is being feared that it might even put a full stop on the use of BlackBerry in the UAE. It might also discourage foreign nationals from doing business in the region as they might find it difficult to stay connected if their BlackBerry services are banned.

It is also being rumored that Saudi Arabia might also go the UAE way. However, there has been no confirmation regarding this. Here’s an AP video on the news from YouTube.

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