Amazon Kindle 3 E-Reader Temporarily Sold Out; Wait Till September 4 For Next Lot

August 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Amazon Kindle 3 e-reader is having a dream run. Log on to the Amazon website and you will realize that the new Kindle 3 has been sold out. The site says the device has been temporarily sold out and the next set can be expected to ship only after September 4.

This bring to the fore that both the regular Kindle 3G + WiFi and the WiFi-only version will not be available anymore till September 4. The device that was announced only last week has seen popularity rise beyond expectations and now the scene is akin to short supply. Shipments have been prioritized as first come first serve basis as no more units are available.

The third-generation Kindle had broken new paths being a considerably low priced device owing to admirable connectivity options and other functions. Amazon had been selling the WiFi-only device priced at $139, while the $189 WiFi version has 3G access too. The demand has been overwhelming as there are no more units to give away.

In case you have not got to lay your hands on the Kindle 3, hurry now and order now so that you can reserve your place much ahead of others.

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