Computer Stress – Top Five Ways to Beat IT

August 1, 2010, By Alex Ion

A calming checklist of things to do at the office when technological tension arises

With an overwhelming 97% of people who work in IT claiming that they feel stressed on a daily basis, a few calming influences are definitely needed for a tough day at the office. Most people already have their own way of relaxing at home, so instead you will find presented here five sure-fire ways to unwind while still at your place of work.

Shake things up

A report by SWNS suggests that the top cause of stress for people working in IT contract jobs is seeing colleagues not pulling their weight. Therefore, why not fashion yourself a handy alarm style email that you can use to jerk lazy work mates out of their reverie and get them back to doing their part for the big team project.
Preferably use something that your colleague will find annoying as hell but which you consider to be positively hilarious or melodic.

Anticipate the Rush

Those with IT jobs often complain that their email inboxes become overloaded, making logging on a demoralising process in the morning. On top of this, getting pestered on instant messaging services while performing technical IT tasks only ramps up the pressure.

So generate a stock set of useful phrases that you can quickly copy and paste into messages to reduce the amount of typing necessary for answering. Here’s a few for starters:

“Great question, unfortunately that’s not my department.”
“That sounds like more of a (insert name of office dogsbody) kind of task.”
“I’d love to help but I’m too busy being awesome over here.”

Lyrical Therapy

Everyone who ever had to work with a computer knows the heart-wrenching feeling of seeing that text box appear informing you that a technical error has been made. Worse than the sight of the text is the sound that accompanies it. Whether it is a simple ping or a despairing clunk, that sound will wipe the smile off even the most bright and bouncy among us.

To combat this, change your PC’s sound settings so that when the inevitable occurs and the error message displays, the accompanying sound is something gloriously uplifting. Perhaps the theme music from your favourite TV show or the sound a cute animal would make. A word of advice, don’t use the laughter of Brian Blessed; it will haunt your dreams.

The Cry-Laugh

Studies have shown that two incredibly effective ways of beating stress are laughing and crying. Both open up the chest and diaphragm, releasing bound-up energy and increasing oxygen delivery. So why not double the effect by doing both… at the same time!

Not only will your oxygen levels spike, giving you athlete-like levels of energy, this technique is so tricky to achieve that you will undoubtedly forget whatever it was you were stressed about. Don’t worry; performing the cry-laugh technique is unlikely to be sufficient evidence by itself of a nervous breakdown.

Focus so intently that you unlock all of your mind’s potential and create your own perfect parallel universe.

palms and sky

Yeah, good luck with that one.

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