Google Earth Now Supports Weather Information

July 30, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Google have just released the new 5.2 version of their Google Earth, and the new update allows you to check the current meteorological data for your region (or anywhere else for that matter). The program now displays all the weather conditions in an area, such as rain and the amount of snow cover. The information is presented in the radar layer when you’ve enabled the cloud cover view.

The program doesn’t actually give you any forecasts based on the data though – that’ll be left up to you. If you think you can make something out of all the images and numbers you’ll be seeing in order to predict if it’s going to rain tomorrow – this should be a blast for you!

The new service isn’t available for all regions of the world yet, and currently it only works for the US and some parts of Europe. According to Google though, they’re continuously updating it with new locations, so it should be featuring more and more places as time goes by in the coming weeks/months.

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