New Amazon Kindle Models To Launch in US and UK on August 27; Already Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

July 29, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Prospective Kindle buyers who were disappointed by temporarily depleted supplies of the device can now rejoice. Amazon has announced that the new WiFi-only and 3G-enabled models of its Kindle e-reader will be launched in the US and the UK on August 27. The two models have already been listed on Amazon’s website as being available for pre-order, with the WiFi-only version priced at $139 and the 3G version being priced at $189.

The two devices, which feature E-ink display technology , are said to be 21 percent smaller in size and 15 percent lighter in weight, as compared to previous models of the Kindle. While the WiFi-only version is available only in graphite color, the WiFi+3G model is available in both graphite as well as white color. It has also been reported that the 3G-enabled version will achieve radio connectivity through mobile carrier AT&T’s 3G network.

Amazon has also said that the 6-inch screens on the new Kindle devices will offer better contrast and the pages will also turn faster. The new versions will have 4 GB of internal storage and the on-board battery will be able to power the devices for a period of one month with the wireless switched off and for ten days, if the wireless is kept switched on.

Amazon has also announced that it is planning to launch a localized UK version of the new Kindle models, with a price of £109 for the WiFi model and £149 for the WiFi+3G model. The company also plans to open a special e-book store to cater to its UK customers.

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