Starcraft II Being Considered an Incomplete Game, Meets Caustic Criticism Upfront

July 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

The moment a new product is introduced in the world of gadgets or gaming, it ends up getting both positive and negative reviews. While we definitely like the positive ones, we also need to throw light on the why people think a particular itinerary isn’t worth spending time on. Talking about Blizzard’s fresh arrival Starcraft II Wings of Liberty, the game isn’t getting the rave reviews we expected, instead, the critics are out there with their caustic daggers.

The funny side to this criticism though is that some gamers believe that the Wings of Liberty (one part of the three part sequel) is an incomplete game and therefore they do not like making the $60 payment for an incomplete product.

On the more serious terms, the gamers are not liking the installation and activation process. What they also hate is the fact that the game requires internet access even for the single player mode.

Regarding the $60 pricing part for 1/3 of the game, a number of gamers believe that Blizzard is treading on the loyalty of its long time fans in an attempt to make more money.

Take note here that these initial reviews have come from the users over Amazon and we are not confirming these until the whole gaming fraternity talks about these flaws. We would love your opinion on the game if you have already started playing it.

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