RIM BlackPad is the BlackBerry Tablet We All Expect?

July 28, 2010, By Alex Ion

Some two weeks ago we were reporting that the folks from RIM are secretly working on a tablet PC. Today we’re adding more hype to the rumor as we’re getting reports that the Canadians have registered a new web address: BlackPad.com.

BlackPad - BlackBerry tablet

While that’s not enough to confirm that a BlackBerry tablet (or a RIM BlackPad) is under the hammer, we can speculate and wish that this is going to happen sometime soon. Maybe even sometime later this year, if what we’re hearing is correct.

There’s no word how much BlackPad.com was worth, but we know that RIM paid a certain amount of money to the previous owner just days ago. There’s also no confirmation as to what a BlackBerry tablet would feature when released to the market, but I feel confident that Research in Motion will actually “hear” their potential customers and their needs/desires.

So how about this name folks, BlackPad. Is it suitable or you’d much rather go with BlackBerry tablet?

RIM BlackPad.com BlackBerry tablet

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