Motorola XT720 Milestone To Be Available On Cincinnati Bell By Mid-August

July 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In case you have been waiting to lay your hands on the Motorola XT720 Milestone, it seems to be soon going to happen. We are being told that Cincinnati Bell is bringing to its customers the Motorola device sometime in mid-August. There are hints of the device hopping onto Cincinnati Bell (CBW) on the carrier’s support page.

The Motorola device has been found listed on a CBW rebate form. The carrier company has not said no to the news and it is likely that the device is finally being rolled out by mid-August this year.
CBW has also been quoted as telling customers that they can expect Motorola XT720 Milestone by around that time. The carrier has said that all CBW internal testing has been complete, and that both CBW and Motorola are now waiting for Google approval. Once Google gives the nod, it would be the last step in the launch process for the CBW Motorola XT720 Milestone. No pricing details have come forth as yet.
So that seems something is indeed happening on the CBW XT720 Milestone front. We just hope to hear more on that from the carrier soon. Stay tuned.

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