Sony PS3 Firmware Version 3.41 Confirmed To Roll Out Soon

July 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony has confirmed on its PlayStation Blog that the company will soon release version 3.41 of the firmware for its PS3 gaming console. The firmware update will have various features including a new recommendation engine that will suggest titles from the PlayStation Store.

A new “You May Like” column will be displayed by the new software on the right side of screen, listing new titles for purchase from the PlayStation Store depending on a record of previous purchases by the user. However, it is not known if the update will allow the users’ different connections to recommend titles to the user.

The firmware update for the PlayStation Portable gaming console with version number 6.31 is also set to become available by the end of July. However, PSP firmware update does not bring any new features with it and is only designed to make the console more stable.

The previous firmware update from Sony for the PS3 had threatened to disallow users from logging into their PlayStation Network accounts without the update. The company had also said that the console would not be able to play Blu-Ray discs without the previous update. But the new update is set to be better as it adds the 5-star rating system that was a popular part of previous firmware updates.

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