Apple Begins Automatic Refund Process for iPhone 4 Bumpers

July 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has begun the process of automatically refunding consumers who purchased bumpers from the company priced at $30, to solve the reception issue in their iPhone 4 smartphones. The company’s CEO Steve Jobs promised the refund for purchased bumpers during its recent iPhone 4 press conference.

It has been reported that iPhone 4 users who purchased the bumper for the device from Apple’s online store had begun receiving notifications of their refunds since Thursday. The refund is also being given to users who purchased the bumper but did not put in a claim for the refund.

The refund for the bumper includes the charges for shipping the accessory as well as the value added tax. The whole exercise is estimated to cost Apple a total of $175 million.

However, the company has not announced the estimated duration for the refund process to be complete and has also not revealed how it will refund the consumers who purchased the bumpers from retail stores.

Apple had mentioned during the press conference that it would provide cases for the iPhone 4, free of charge, for users who buy the smartphone before the 30th of September. Buyers are free to choose a bumper from Apple or a different case produced by a third party, as part of this free case offer.

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