Protect Yourself With Nintendo Condoms

July 22, 2010, By Christian Davis

No, that’s not a joke. Every so often the gaming industry delivers the world with something so unbelievably incredible, you can’t help but desire it with every fiber in your being. Unlike the Wii-mote “condom,” this condom is actually used for sex.

How ironic right? Gaming, which has often been said to keep guys away from girls, has condoms based off some of the worlds most popular videogames. Yes, the image has a picture of Donkey Kong or Zelda, but part of the greatness are the parodied names on each cartridge encase condom.

Names such as: The Long End of Zelda, Dong, Bone Zone 2, Super Mario Land of Love, Sextris, and Donkey Shlong all easily make these condoms an instant purchase.  Yea, they’re not Trojans, but the ability to protect yourself with something called “Donkey Schlong” is almost better than any name brand.

The “Nintendo contraceptive devices (as the cool kids say) also comes with instructions on how to use them which are all tucked away in a cardboard Gameboy.

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