Nexus One No Longer Available From Google’s Online Store

July 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s official. Unlocked Nexus One handsets have finally become unavailable for sale from Google’s online store, just as the search giant warned us it would. The phone can now only be purchased from carriers such as KT in South Korea and Vodafone in countries such as Germany, Italy, Australia, Spain and the UK.

The Nexus One page at Google’s online store states that registered developers can still acquire the device from Google’s partners for sale. The company had said earlier that developers registered with Android Market Publisher would be prioritized among consumers as it wanted to make the latest version of the Android OS available for them.

However, Google will keep its customer support lines open for existing users of the Nexus One phone.

Since Google CEO Eric Schmidt has mentioned previously that the company does not intend to create a successor to the Nexus One device called the Nexus Two, the end of Nexus One sales from the Google Store could translate into the end of the company’s foray into smartphone sales.

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