Fable III Comic Con Screens

July 22, 2010, By Christian Davis

To say that the Fable series has not lived up the the words of  what Peter Molyneux said is a bit of an understatement. Comments like “Best game the world has ever seen” were clearly not the case when both games, Fable and Fable II, came out. Yes, they were fun games, but not up the the caliber that Peter Molyneux wanted the game to be at.

We’ve received some screenshots from Comic Con. And the game is looking fantastic. Visually, it’s an improvement over both installments. The scope of the game seems a lot bigger as well, with some mountainous ships and locales that will no doubt be something to marvel at once the game ships later this year. If the game ends up getting pushed back, that wouldn’t exactly be a surprise. I’m sure you can imagine the pressure on Peter Molyneux and him trying to live up to what he’s been saying for years. Here are the rest of the images below.

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