Fans Decide The Fate Of Gears of War ‘s Carmine

July 21, 2010, By Christian Davis

Carmine is that lovable guy from Gears of War that we all love to see die. He’s the character that we can relate to the most out of all the other Gears. Antony Carmine(Gears of War) dies of a headshot, and Ben Carmine(Gears of War 2) dies from being dismembered by a giant worms digestive acids. This time, Clayton Carmine is not going down without a fight.

This time, fans of the Gears series will decide the fate of Clayton Carmine in the trilogy’s end.  Yes, that picture above is Clayton Carmine. You see how he just killing that locust with one hand? He’s not going down without a fight. To vote is simple; on July 29th two avatar items will be come available. Purchasing one of them will add your vote to have Carmine live, while the other is the exact opposite. One shirt reads “Save Carmine” while the other reads “Carmine Must Die.”

My vote goes for his survival. It’s the final installment and we need to have one of them survive.  The subtitle affiliated with the game “Brothers till the end” indicates that some of the team could die, so it’d be nice to see Carmine be the one who isn’t going to die. And look at the picture above! He can’t die. He’s too cool.

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