Facebook Gets 500 Million Users

July 21, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Just this morning, Facebook made the announcement that they’ve reached a staggering half a billion users – and this is just counting the active ones and not the “dormant” profiles. To celebrate the event, Facebook are launching a new app called Facebook Stories – the app is designed for sharing your best stories related to using the service. And while most will probably describe how it’s managed to keep them in touch with their friends, there are some more interesting ones in there as well.

And just to put this into a bit more perspective, here are a few figures for you. There are 309 million citizens in the USA – yes, that’s right, Facebook actually has a larger population than the United States. Internet users are estimated to be no more than 1.8 billion currently, which means that Facebook “houses” more than a quarter of the entire Internet population.

We hope that they’ll keep improving their service, mainly in terms of privacy and security – with those rapidly growing numbers, they should realize the responsibility they have towards users’ data.

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