Motorola mini Droid Slider Handset In The Works? Blurry Pictures And Video of Mid-Range Phone Leaked Online

July 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Blurry images as well as a video of a slider phone from Motorola that shows a glowing red eye, which is the symbol of a Droid phone, during startup, have been leaked online. The pictures point to the possibility of the device being a new, low-end handset in Verizon’s Droid range, built by Motorola.

The Droid brand is owned by Verizon and the carrier has said that only high end smartphones will be a part of the brand. However, the phone shown in the leaked image resembles the Palm Pre handset in design as has a portrait QWERTY keyboard. The device is also said to run on Google’s Android operating software.

However, there have been no announcements by Apple regarding a mid-range slider handset. The pictures that have been leaked are very blurry, making it difficult to view the device properly. No other details regarding the new phone have been leaked at the moment.

Motorola had earlier created the Flipout and Charm handsets, which contained better features and specifications than normal entry-level phones. In case the so-called “mini Droid” phone is released, it could be the first low end phone in the Verizon’s Droid series.

Check out the leaked video for the phone below:

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