White iPhone 4 Delay Caused By Precision Issues With Apple’s Glass Supplier

July 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The delay in the launch of white colored iPhone 4 devices has reportedly been tracked to precision issues with Apple’s supplier of glass panels – a Chinese company called Lens Technology. It was reported by the 21st Century Business Herald, a Chinese news daily, that Lens Technology was finding it difficult to get the proper opacity and the paint thickness for the pure white coating that was required by Apple on the glass.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs had announced during the course of the recent iPhone 4 press conference that the white iPhone 4 device would be available for sale by the end of July. However, sources in the industry have said that Lens Technology’s current capacity of production will only be able to fulfill half of the demand faced by Apple.

Currently, Lens Technology is reportedly able to manufacture only 3 glass panels in a time period of one hour. The process of manufacturing the glass panel is also very complicated and involves a number of processes such as tool development, cutting raw material and fine milling with the use of CNC (computed numerically controlled) machines and so on.

Meanwhile, the demand for iPhone 4 devices has been huge with Apple announcing the sale of 3 million black-colored units of the phone in a period of three weeks since its launch. The company had also stated in an earlier press release in June that it was finding the manufacturing process for the white iPhone 4 to be more challenging that expected.

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