Unlocked Nexus One Handsets To Soon Become Unavailable As Google Receives Its Final Shipment Of The Phone

July 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Unlocked Google Nexus One handsets may soon go out of sale as the search giant has received its last shipment of the handset. The company has said that app developers will be given priority among buyers, while selling the remaining Nexus One stock.

The complete sale of the final Nexus One stock will also mean the unavailability of the handset on Google’s online store. App developers can however, purchase the handset by logging in to their developer account on the Android Market Publisher website. The phone is being specially prioritized for sale to developers so that they can have access to the latest Android OS.

Nexus One phones will continue to be available through various carriers outside the US such as Vodafone in UK and KT in Korea. Google will also continue to offer customer support for existing Nexus One users.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt had earlier clarified that Nexus One handsets were only created in partnership with HTC as an effort to display the features of its Android operating software on advanced phones. He has added that, as he believed that the phone had fulfilled its purpose, the company would not be developing a Nexus Two device.

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