Apple Mentions Presence of Verizon Cell Sites at Its Headquarters; Could This Be a Verizon iPhone Clue?

July 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has stated, during the course of the Q&A session as part of its iPhone 4 press conference, that it has a Verizon cell site at its headquarters at Infinite Loop street in Cupertino, California. With the presence of a dedicated cell tower at a company headquarters being unusual, it raises the possibility of a connection between the cell tower and the rumored Verizon iPhone.

Steve Jobs was asked, during the recent press conference, why it was not possible to replicate the iPhone 4 reception issue on its campus. The Apple CEO replied that it was due to the strong cellular signal that was transmitted by the AT&T and Verizon cell sites that were present on its campus.

While the AT&T cell tower is present to provide a good signal for the iPhones owned by Apple employees, the Verizon tower could also serve the same purpose in the future. Big Red was also rumored earlier to get an EVDO-based Apple iPad device on its network.

There have been many rumors of a Verizon iPhone due to release in 2011. Apple is also rumored to have negotiated an early exit from its AT&T exclusivity contract, which is originally scheduled to end in 2012. However, though the presence of a Verizon cell site could point to Verizon devices being tested on its network, Apple might require the carrier’s cell tower irrespective of the company’s intentions.

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