Mozilla Firefox Home App Now Available For iPhone and iPad

July 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has approved the Firefox Home app created by Mozilla for its iTunes apps store, making the app available free of charge for iPhone and iPad users. The Firefox Home app allows the users to sync and get their bookmarks, tabs and history on the Mozilla Firefox browser in the computer, to the Safari mobile browser present in the iPhone and iPad devices.

The Sync add-on for the Firefox browser is also needed for the Firefox Home app to function as the add-on is used to upload the user’s bookmarks and tabs on Firefox to a cloud.  Users without the Sync add-on have been advised to download and install the software and restart the Firefox browser for the add-on to take effect, before using the Firefox Home app on their iPhone or iPad devices.

The Firefox Home app connects to the cloud through the Safari browser and obtains information regarding the user’s Firefox tabs and bookmarks from the cloud. It also includes an “awesome bar” which allows the user to search for their favorite websites depending on their frequency of page visits.

The Firefox Home app is also the first app to be submitted by Mozilla to the iTunes apps store.

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