Motorola Finally Speaks Out on Droid X Bootloader Problems

July 16, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

One of the hottest topics around tech forums on the Internet for the past day has been the discovery of the high security in the Droid X’s bootloader. This, as some of you may know, causes custom ROMs to be almost unusable, as installing them poses some very serious difficulties to the user now, especially to those lacking experience in such things.

What people have identified as the main reason behind the problems is a piece of technology called “eFuse”, which was developed some years ago by IBM, and gives the option for physically altering circuits at the silicon level. This should already be setting off some red flags for most of you, asa there have been rumors that the device was put in there with the specific purpose of frying your phone should you use a customized bootloader.

Motorola have shed some light on the issue though, and according to them the situation isn’t exactly as dire. What will actually happen is that the phone will become temporarily disabled, but not completely bricked and will still be usable when the original bootloader is restored.

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