iPhone 4 Recall Supposedly Not Happening, Rumors About Apple Press Conference Appearing

July 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even as Apple’s press conference to discuss the iPhone 4 draws near, rumors about the announcements to be made at the press conference have already started appearing online. The latest rumor suggests that recalling the iPhone 4 is not part of Apple’s plans for the phone although a new fix for the reception problem or free iPhone cases could be announced at the press conference.

It has also been reported that engineers who developed the iPhone 4 were aware of the lowered reception risk posed by the new design of the device’s antenna, but it was still approved by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  Apple, has meanwhile, denied the allegations saying that they are not true.

The Cupertino-based company has also been revealed to allow less time for mobile carriers to test the iPhone 4 device on their networks. The number of phones that were provided to the carriers for testing were also very less.

The test phones that were developed by Apple were also covered in a way that would not reveal the original design, which prevented the reception problem from being detected on prototype devices that were handed out to certain employees of the company.

Apple’ press conference about the iPhone will be held today in California at 10 AM Pacific Time.

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