iPhone 4 Marks 3 Million Sales With 1.7% Returns

July 16, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Today in a press conference in Cupertino related to the iPhone 4, Apple have revealed some of their sales figures for the iPhone 4, and according to them they’ve managed to actually sell 3 million of the devices, with only about 1.7 percent of them having been returned.

To put things in perspective, the amount of iPhone 4 copies that was sold in the first week of the device’s launch was around 1.7 million, which indicates that they have been coming out at a rather slow pace after the initial hype calmed down. It could have something to do with the various problems that arised related to the iPhone 4, as well.

As another comparison, the iPhone 3GS had about 6% returns, which compared to the 1.7% of the iPhone 4’s numbers makes the iPhone 4 a pretty good performer in this aspect (with the actual number of returns being around 51,000). So it seems that even though the iPhone 4 met some criticism, it’s still being quite popular with the customer base.

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