Apple to Give Free Bumpers to iPhone 4 Owners

July 16, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

This has finally reached some moderately satisfying conclusion – Apple have decided to alleviate iPhone 4 users of the dreadful antenna issues by doing something that has actually been suggested by the community on a few occasions – providing free bumpers for the device. The company has already released most of the details about the upcoming deal, which you can find listed below.

Those of you who own an iPhone 4 can order a free bumper case directly from Apple. If they’re not satisfied with the one they got, they can order another one (which also applies for cases where Apple are out of stock for a certain model of the cases); you’ll be given a variety of options to choose from. Also, if you’ve already bought a case from Apple, you can get a refund on that.

This won’t last forever though, as Apple have stated that it will only last until September 30. After that, they’d have to reevaluate the situation with the reception problems. Let’s hope this means a solution from within the phone itself which actually works.

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