Xbox Live’s 1 vs 100 Will Not Return For Season 3

July 15, 2010, By Christian Davis

There was something unbelievably charming about playing 1 vs 100.  Was it the silly avatar dances? The fact that you can play with friends? The surprisingly funny host? It was something that you looked forward too every day. This scheduled show will always have a warm place in all our hearts. Unfortunately, like the TV show it wanted to be, it was cancelled.

It’s hard to hear but after two very successful seasons, the series is coming to a close. When this interesting concept was announced, the show’s beta set a Guinness world record for the most contestants playing a game show simultaneously; thanks to the 114 thousand people playing over Xbox Live.

“When we started on this journey, we knew we were creating an entirely new genre of entertainment that would be a continually evolving concept,” said Dave McCarthy, General Manager, Microsoft Game Studios. “We’re very proud of the ‘1 vs 100’ team and their accomplishments, and are excited to apply what we’ve learned to future programming.”

It’ sad to see that we will not be able to “Trust the Mob” anymore, but hopefully they will surprise us and bring this wonderful gem back to us.

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