Windows Mobile 7 to get Applications Support, Time for the Devs to Make Some Money

July 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is no hidden fact that a mobile OS success or failure is determined by the number of applications available in its corresponding application store, Apple being the best example. Microsoft may be a tech giant, but the unit has understood the importance of an app store after all these years, and albeit a tad late has finally decided to come up with an app storehouse for its Windows Mobile 7.

What might have prompted MSFT to hasten the app store development is anybody’s guess and the most probable reason is the likes of RIM and Nokia forging ahead with their app store plans. MSFT may have gotten a tad late, but it still knows how to make amends by tempting the developers.

The tech behemoth released a beta version of Developer Training Kit to assist new developers with thorough guides for understanding and using the XNA Framework.

Also, the developers are being motivated to think creatively by offering baits like free development kits, SDKs and even some investment as well. With MSFT also joining the app store race, things will only get difficult for Apple from here and it will be interesting to see how Cupertino reacts to this growing competition.

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