Nokia N8 Spotted Running Dolby Mobile, Great Audio Playback Quality Experienced

July 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

There is still time before we can lay our hands on the upcoming Nokia flagship N8, but a few lucky ones are already doing that, experimenting with the handset to the core. It’s initial reviews in Russia made us believe that Symbian^3 is not as good as Android or the iPhone, but there might be a reason which makes this Nokia flagship definitely better than the others.

We are hinting at the audio playback quality be it through the headphones, the mono speaker or the HDMi out and the reason for this is the ability to run Dolby Mobile. Dolby Mobile not just helps the audio playback quality, it is also a big plus for the video files.

Dolby Mobile is actually a combination of a number of systems working in tandem to help the N8 becoming a stunning smartphone when talking about the audio quality. Certain systems in place equalize the audio tracks ensuring constant volume while a Mobile Surround technology renders a surround sound like feel through the ear buds. Another assisting technology is the Sound Space Expander which is influential in enhancing the width of the sound-stage when connected to the stereo speakers.

For the videos in particular, Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 is in place which again makes the N8 experience a special one. So much detailing has gone into a single segment of the phone and it is therefore ideal to say that the N8 has the potential to revive the depleted Nokia smartphone fortune.

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