iPhone 4 Press Conference By Apple on Friday; Finally Coming Clean on Reception Issues?

July 15, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple will hold a press conference in California on Friday the 16th at 10 am PT to discuss its latest smartphone, the iPhone 4. Though the company has not revealed too many details regarding the press conference, it is expected to make a statement regarding the signal reception issues with the iPhone 4.

Apple has recently come under fire for the iPhone 4 reception issue and the company’s reluctance to issue a proper and permanent fix for the problem. A recent report by Consumer Reports that not only confirmed the reception issue, but also refused to recommend the smartphone, had lead to a decline in Apple’s stock prices.

There have also been numerous reports and opinion articles in the press stating a recall of all iPhone 4 handsets as being “inevitable” as certain reports have pointed to a manufacturing flaw as the cause of the signal drop problem.

However, Apple has maintained that the issue is software-related and has already released a beta version of the software update for its iPhone operating software as well. But the software update has already been reported to have failed in tackling the reception issue.

Apple has also suggested other measures such as purchasing an iPhone bumper case for the price of $30, which will prevent the device’s antenna from being covered by the user’s hand. Consumers have demanded that Apple should make the bumper cases available free of charge or issue a permanent fix to the problem. The reception issue has also been rumored to be the cause for the delay in releasing white iPhone 4 handsets.

Many questions regarding the iPhone 4 such as the possibility of a complete recall, the announcement of a new fix or simply a clarification of the company’s stance on the issue are likely to answered in Friday’s press conference.

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