Apple iPhone 4 is Comparable to Microsoft’s Windows Vista Blunder

July 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Apple iPhone 4 is giving Cupertino nightmares and we needn’t give you the reason for this ‘fix‘ Apple finds itself in for the very first time. The iPhone 4 has indeed become a PR nightmare for Apple and the most valuable tech giant isn’t sure about acknowledging its mistake or coming up with a contradictory statement.

Where Apple is definitely not enjoying this situation, closest rival Microsoft has a funny word or two to say about this situation, drawing inspiration from the position it found itself in after the release of the Windows Vista in 2007.

It was Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO who ended up comparing the iPhone 4 with the Windows Vista at MSFT’s Worldwide Partner Conference, frivolously mentioning ‘It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista and I’m okay with that’

That sure is a funny way to look at things but Apple with still not afford to smile on this humorous take from the Microsoft top honcho. It is beyond doubt that Windows Vista was the biggest blunder for MSFT until date while the iPhone 4 isn’t all that bad.

Yes the signal issues are there, but beyond this problem, every gizmo freak realizes that this is the best equipped iPhone version until date. On the other hand, Windows Vista was a huge failure where the best of Windows admirers couldn’t find a reason to appreciate the OS quality.

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