Apple iOS 4.1 Beta Release Fails To Tackle iPhone 4 Reception Issue? [Video]

July 15, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The beta version of Apple’s iOS4 update called iOS 4.1, which was released by the company for developers through its iPhone Developer Center, does not fix reception issues with the iPhone 4 smartphone, according to tests conducted by members of technology blog Mobile Crunch.

The testing has shown that an iPhone 4 unit running on iOS 4.1 beta still experiences a drop in signal reception when the device’s antenna is covered by hand. A video of the testing has also been uploaded by the members of the blog.

The iOS 4.1 beta update, however, does include the signal bar correction that was promised by Apple. The size of the signal bars in the OS update is larger than before and it has been reported that iPhone 4 devices running iOS4.1 display signal reception more accurately than iPhone 4 units with iOS4.0, even if the reception is shown to be weaker.

There have also been reports of the presence of an MMS bug in the iOS 4.1 beta version, that displays thumbnail images of MMS, but shows a completely black photo in enlarged view. However, the image can be saved to view it properly in the Photo app.

As the latest iOS 4 update is in its beta state, it could be missing a few fixes that might be present in the final version. But would that include a reception issue fix?

Check out the video of the signal reception on an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 beta below:

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