Spider-Man and Human Torch Get The LittleBigPlanet Treatment

July 14, 2010, By Christian Davis

Is it possible the make the sackboy and girls even cuter? It most definitely. If your cuteness level is somehow not at its peak, then Marvel is here to remedy you. The second Marvel Costume DLC pack was released last week and they are adorable.

Updated: Marvel just released images of Elektra. See her below.

The next pack of Marvel costumes is set to release on July 20th and we’ve got an image of 2 superheroes that will be featured in the upcoming DLC. The first costume(shown above) is our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. More adorable then the real, full grown Spider-Man? Sure is. The little features like the webbing under his arms, stitching near his wrists, and zipper running down his web slinging chest makes you want to have him as your own child.

The next hero is from Marvel’s Fantastic Four. He flies, he’s charming, loves the ladies, and is on fire. Yes, the Human Torch is going to be joining Spider-Man as well. The only flame infested object that you’d want to wrap your arms around is the “sackboy-tized” Human Torch.

And now there’s one more character that we have to show you. Here’s a hint, she loves Daredevil. Give up? Then Elektra is the name you’re looking for. Fast, agile, and as cute as a small puppy. She’s also going to be available in the upcoming Marvel costume pack.

There are still two more costumes that need to be revealed and we’ll here about them within the upcoming days. Excelsior!

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