Nexus One Getting FM Radio Support

July 14, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Google made it clear to all of their users that they’re not planning on adding any FM Radio functionality to the Nexus One, even though the phone is capable of doing it as far as its hardware is concerned. However, it looks like there’s still hope for Nexus One users, as they’ll be getting FM Radio support anyway.

There’s one catch though (for those of you who thought it’d be that easy) – the FM Radio feature won’t be done by Google themselves and is not official – which in turn means that you’ll need to install a custom modded ROM to make use of it. This has been made possible by “intersectRaven”, a community developer who’s behind a recently-released kernel patch that gives developers the ability to add FM Radio into their own ROMs.

One thing that’s curious in this case is why people wanted FM Radio support so much in the first place. From what we’re seeing, the idea of classic, FM-based radios is slowly fading away with less and less people tuning in to the various stations available.

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