King of Fighter XIII Screenshots Revealed Through Twitter

July 14, 2010, By Christian Davis

With all the Marvel Vs. Capcom and Super Street Fighter news going on, many have forgotten about King of Fighters. This franchise has been around for years and the newest title, King of Fighter XIII(King of Fighters 13), seems to be the best one yet.

The game is already available in Japan, but not on the consoles. Something that is long forgotten, is the Arcade. No, not Xbox Live Arcade, an actual arcade. What’s that? It’s a place that people go to and play videogames in large contraptions called cabinets.

A release date in the United States, is not yet confirmed, but it is still being made and is looking good. Via Twitter, the Playstation Team uploaded a lot of screenshots for the game in action. It looks beautiful and will no doubt become a fan favorite. Why is it taking so long for the title to release in the states? No idea, but it needs to hurry up and get in our hands. Screenshots are below.

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