iPhone 4 Carrier Unlock Displayed in Pictures and Video; Software Not Released Yet

July 14, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A member of the iPhone Dev Team known as planetbeing has posted pictures and a video of an iPhone 4 device in Canada that has been unlocked and is working on mobile carrier Bell’s network.

The pictures that were posted show the iPhone 4 handset running on Bell’s network signal while another picture showed Cydia to be running on the device. However, planetbeing has mentioned in the video that the current carrier unlock is just the first build of the software and has also admitted that its performance is below par.

The pictures of the iPhone 4 carrier unlock that were earlier posted online were first met with skepticism, with some people stating that the possibility that the device in the picture could also be an AT&T iPhone in Canada with roaming service initiated on the Bell network. But the video that was posted later strengthened the belief that the iPhone 4 had indeed been unlocked.

Unlocking the iPhone 4 had become a major challenge for hackers after Apple set a new baseband in the device that has iOS4 as its operating software. Planetbeing has said that a proper iPhone 4 unlock software will soon be released by the iPhone Dev Team, though the team may choose to wait for Apple to release the iOS4 update first, before releasing the unlock software.

Check out planetbeing’s iPhone 4 carrier unlock video below:

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