Apple iPhone 4 Recall for Poor Reception is Inevitable, PR Expert Says

July 14, 2010, By Atul Roach

Apple might have succeeded in becoming the most valuable gadget brand overtaking Microsoft in the process, but this might be a short lived success story. I definitely do not envy Cupertino’s success in the recent past but what could put the brand image in trouble is its latest smartphone-iPhone 4. There have been constant reports flowing in which support the poor reception verdict, and like old times, Apple will not manage to get out of this situation with an explanation or a software patch release.

This is a question of the brand image and even the share markets show a decline for Apple ever since this unanimous confirmation of the signal/reception issues. A couple of famous crisis communications experts like Professor Matthew Seeger and Chris Lehane have also suggested a product recall as the best alternative to save the brand image.

The best of the lot, Dr. Larry Barton mentioned that Apple needs to react quickly to save its brand image by either issuing a contradictory statement against the poor reception reports or acknowledging the problem and staging a recall.

There are 1.7 million people who went for the newest Apple smartphone within days of its release and a contradictory statement will not make a difference to their poor reception problem. If Apple is a brand that cares for its consumers, it should understand that a recall will instill confidence in the consumer minds instead of denting the brand repute.

We will keep you updated about Apple’s reaction to this situation as soon as Steve Jobs has a statement ready for all of us, something that could be the biggest decision of his professional career.

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