White iPhone 4 Images Surface Online, No Release Date Hinted As Yet

July 13, 2010, By Atul Roach

All iPhone versions have adored the color black for a long time and indeed each time a new iPhone is showcased, the casing is always black. What we also know for a fact is that all of the iPhones until date have had a ‘whiter’ cousin that arrives a tad late and we are wondering when to expect a white iPhone 4. A release date for a whitish iPhone 4 is definitely not on the cards, but we at least have an idea as to how it looks.

Here are a set of images of the white iPhone 4 that have found a way on to the web and hence the world will now know for sure. On a personal note, I feel that the silver surrounding band (that also doubles-up as an antenna, remember) looks all the more better with the whiter version than the conventional black.

We will have to learn a bit of Japanese to tell you how these images came in here, but it is for a fact that the white iPhone 4 will look no different. Until we keep finding the facts about its release date, you can satiate yourself with these captivating images and give your fancy some flight.

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