Sonic Colors Pre-Order Comes With Sonic Hat

July 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

Whether you think Sonic Colors will be a good game or not is irrelevant at this point. The pre-order bonus is something so rare, that is should be purchased solely for the sake of saying you have it.

Most pre-order packages, especially this year, have been nothing more then “exclusive” maps or “Gamestop guns.” When it comes to fashion, it rarely goes beyond a shirt. Sega is here to give us some variety with a sonic hat (seen above). Will you wear it outside? Probably not. Will you wear it with bunny slippers and a robe when your friends come over? Most definitely.

Pre-order the game at Gamestop either in store or online and you will be able to receive this special treat. This has only been done once before with Scribblenauts’ Rooster Hat(seen below). Lets make this a habit guys.

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