Samsung Galaxy S (AT&T Samsung Captivate) Is Supposedly The Fastest Smartphone Running Android

July 13, 2010, By Atul Roach

The ever expanding market of smartphones is never devoid of competition and where the earlier smartphones competed against the Apple iPhones to exist, Android has reformed this practice for ever, creating a world of is own. There are so many Android phones in the market that it isn’t ‘any smartphone’ versus the iPhone anymore, the scene has now shifted to Android vs Android, with so many top-notch Android laden smartphones around you.

Talking therefore about Android smartphones specifically, it is interesting to know which is the fastest Android OS laden smartphone in the market apparently. In some tests conducted by Androidandme, Samsung Captivate hailing from the Samsung Galaxy S series has emerged the winner.

Arguably, this lineage sets the benchmark for Android GPUs’ muscling past other Android big names like the Droids from Motorola. We never had doubts about the Galaxy S members emerging winners given that they have the fastest graphics performance courtesy of the 1Ghz Hummingbird chipset in there.

The secret behind this speedy performance is the chipset containing a newer model PowerVR GPU. All the Droids also feature the PowerVR GPU, but they are laden with older versions (SGX530) while the Galaxy S lineage gets SGX540 which in turn offers double the sustained performance of the 530.

Anyone going in for the Galaxy S because of this assessment?

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