New Need For Speed To Have Story Mode?

July 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

Most racing games that attempt a “story” tend to be severely lacking in that section. You usually play a nameless person with a bunch of over the top characters doing all the talking for you. The upcoming Need For Speed titled will more then likely have a story to go along with it. Hopefully it breaks the trend.

A Mr. Rees Savidis, an established writer, has said to be working on some narrative fiction for two EA titles. He states on his LinkedIn account :

Recently, I’ve worked on world concepts and narrative fiction for a new IP at Electronic Arts Blackbox and helped to develop the fiction and characters for the 2011 installment in the AAA “Need For Speed” franchise.

Hopefully Mr. Savidis will have actually been hired to write a story rather then just some quirky dialogue by some outrageous characters.

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