Medal of Honor Limited Edition Revealed

July 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

If you were to combine Battlefield Bad Company 2 with Modern Warfare 2, then you’d get the latest Medal of Honor.EA and Dice have made a great game that could possibly take down Battlefield and Modern Warfare. Medal of Honor, or MoH as the trendy kids call it, has been absent for some time so this game is looking the be the reboot that the franchise needed.

With the the franchise re-establishing itself, there is no surprise that the game will try and appeal to all audiences. Today, the games limited edition copy was revealed. Though we have not seen whether or not it will come into a cool medal case or with a figurine of the now iconic, bearded man, it does come with some nice in game add-ons. 2 weapons will be given to those who purchase the limited edition copy. A shotgun that can take out multiple players at once looks like a fun weapon to use in close range quarters. The other weapon, a silence MP5, will offer great mid range combat while remaining silent. It’s deadly and efficient. Here’s a video below showing the weapons in action.

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