Halo: Reach Legendary Edition Packaging Revealed

July 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

So you know how big the Halo: Reach Legendary Bundle is going to be? With that large statue and games and giant box, it’s going to need some big space to store all that stuff in. Bungie is quite aware of that and they’ve made quite a big box. We’re now able to see this, thanks to Twitter.

Above, you’ll see a picture of the Halo: Reach Legendary Crate that will hold all the glorious(and expensive) Legendary Edition goodies. Not only will you be able to fit a cat inside this crate, but possibly a small child as well. You know a game is in high demand when the packaging alone gets you excited.

Not only will this be the biggest videogame packaging to date, but probably the heaviest as well. Halo: Reach is slated to be the last Halo title and they’re going all out. At this years E3, Hal: Reach showed a lot of potential and promises to be action packed. Space combat, improved Firefight, new armor abilties, new armor customization, and new weapons all add up to a brand new and great finale to a fantastic series.

Halo Reach is set to release in the fall of this year.

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