Dragon Age 2 Is Taking Notes From Mass Effect

July 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

The newly announced sequel to one of the highly acclaimed RPGs, Dragon Age 2, will not disappoint. The game has been taking notes from one of the greatest games of all time, Mass Effect, and that can’t be anything but a good thing.

Apparently, Dragon Age is getting rid of the “tree” dialogue system, which displays lines of text, and will now use the “wheel” system from Mass Effect. The significant thing about this change is that the new system is supposed to help simulate “real time” conversations. The newly implemented system is not entirely the same though; rather then basing answers off the location of the wheel, Dragon Age 2 will clearly state the tone you will be taking.

You will be able to carry over the save from the previous title. Events that took place in the first game will determine how things will happen in the sequel. Dragon Age 2 will start off at the end of the first game, so hopefully a brief re-cap will occur to jog your memory.

Probably the biggest change of them all occurs on the PC installment. This version will the first titles “strategic combat” fighting system.  Console versions will receive a new fighting , one that apparently will play to the strength of the control pad.

The Game Informer report states:

“Rather then try mimic the PC experience on consoles, Dragon Age 2 has a battle system aimed more at the strengths of the PS3 and 360.”

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