Batman Arkham Asylum Names Speculation

July 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

Batman Arkham Asylum is the best Batman and Comic Book Super Hero game the world has ever seen. The game received countless awards, was played by millions, and also has a highly anticipated sequel on the way. The next installment has only had one teaser trailer revealed so far, but no more information has been shed until now.

Warner Brothers has registered 15 names for that are all related to Batman and the Arkham Asylum sequel. The game will not take place in Arkham Asylum this time around, so it will not be called “Batman: Arkham Asylum 2,” but names such as “Where’s Bruce Wayne” or “People of Gotham” rank high on my list. Here are the various titles below.

We do know that Mr. Freeze and Talia Ah Ghul will make an appearance in the title, and it is a bit surprising that the title isn’t related to them. Their roles may be similar to the various bosses in the previous game and will only be there to aide the Joker.

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