iPhone 4 Jailbreak Now Possible Thanks to Super Hacker GeoHot

July 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

We love GeoHot for his amazing ability to jailbreak and hack devices that the world is crazy about. Talking about the latest ones, Apple’s iPhone 4 is on the hot-list of many hackers and there is absolutely no reason why George Hotz was going to spare iPhone 4, given his affinity towards doodads bearing the Apple logo.

GeoHot has made public the fact that he has been finally able to jailbreak his latest iPhone 4. Believe it or not, GeoHot managed to jailbreak Apple’s latest smartphone the day it got delivered to him. We are surely not confirming this claim, but that is what he mentions in the blog-post where he has spoken about the jailbreak.

He has dubbed the exploits as limera1n and Pwned4life, but the sad part is that Geo declines to stage the details release from his end. The big question is that if the super hacker is not willing to part with the jailbreak technique, we will probably have to question his claim-which sure is an exciting one.

GeoHot can however be trusted on the basis that he managed to hack the ‘once unhackable’ PlayStation III amongst many of his other achievements that have made him a celebrity in the gadget world.

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