NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 is the ‘Most Wanted’ Mid-range Graphics Card

July 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

Not a long time ago at the Computex 2010 event in Taipei, NVIDIA presented to the world the GeForce GTX 465 graphics card, hoping to compete in the mid-range segment with other popular names like ATI. The plans to rope in more graphic card sales however did not materialize for NVIDIA and very quickly NVIDIA re-assessed the precise requirements of the segment.

This helped NVIDIA to come up with a better alternative (better priced as well) and within no time GTX465’s younger brother GTX 460 was thrown into the market. Where 465 drew inspiration from the bigger 470’s and the 480’s, GeForce GTX begged to differ with the presence of a new platform.

Gone is the infamous Fermi which is more in limelight for its power inefficiency than anything else and the mid-range alternative is built on the new GF104 core. The difference can be felt in the performance and that is what is making 460 the most popular mid-segment graphics card right away.

For a $200 price sticker, you get 768MB of onboard RAM and the willingness to spend $30 extra makes things even better- 1GB of RAM along with some extra L2 cache and ROPs on the card.

460 has quickly risen to limelight challenging adversaries from the AMD territory and no one is even bothered to talk about the 465 anymore.

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