Motorola WX445 Low-End, Android Phone From Verizon Leaked Online

July 12, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Pictures of the Motorola WX445 phone, which is yet to be given a better name, have been leaked on the Internet. The phone will become available through Verizon and has been reported to be a low-end device running on the Android OS.

The phone is equipped with a touchscreen of a size between 2.5 inches and 3 inches and it does not feature a physical QWERTY keyboard. Android 2.1 is present in the phone as its operating software though other Motorola devices from Verizon such as the Droid X and Droid 2 may get the Android 2.2 update even before the WX445 is launched.

It has been reported that Motorola Blur UI is the user interface for the WX445. The phone is powered by a 1170 mAh battery and has a camera on its rear side, for which the number is pixels is not known yet. Another thing that is unknown is the purpose of the square patch near the camera.

Overall, the WX445 is said to resemble the Palm Pre phone, but with a cheaper look. Though Verizon has not announced the pricing and the launch date of the phone, it is expected to become available before the end of this year.

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