Blizzard Still Under Fire From the Community Due to Recent Real ID Policy

July 12, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

While most people firmly believe that large corporations always follow their pre-determined path and don’t pay much attention to customer complaints when it’s not in their interest, it’s cases like this that show that companies do in fact. A few days ago, Blizzard made the highly controversial announcement that all forum accounts will now display users’ actual, real-life names and this would be a requirement for all posters.

Of course, the community didn’t take lightly to the idea that everyone would be able to find out what you’ve been posting under your gaming alias on Blizzard’s forums by simply Googling your real name. A huge outcry was sparked, and Blizzard amazingly enough decided to take back the decision and revoke the policy. However, the community still hasn’t quite calmed down.

Many are still expressing strong negativism towards the fact that Blizzard even considered doing something like this. One of the most hilarious responses so far though, came from a blogger who managed to set up a page aggregating publicly available information about various key figures in Blizzard/Activision, as a proof of concept of what could be found out when you just know a person’s first and last name.

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