AT&T HTC Aria Now Open to Third Party Apps Installation, Also Gets Updated With Mobile Hotspot

July 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

AT&T will never let an Android device be what it aspires to be or what the Android craving customers want it to be! AT&T first tormented the users of the Motorola Backflip making it a highly restricted Android device and then the HTC Aria users also met with the same fate. AT&T however has softened its stance for the Aria users (though not thoroughly) by issuing an update that allows the Aria to run a limited number of third party side-loaded applications.

This is some jubilation for the AT&T locked HTC Aria users as AT&T had earlier clarified it’s intolerance for third-party applications be it in any form.

The update in question does not just allow side-loaded applications, what is more is that it now gives Aria the ability to get converted into a mobile hotspot. The conversion happens courtesy of another application from the Android Marketplace.

The Aria owners will of course have to opt for a better data plan or else the expensive tethering add-on plan, but that will hardly be a consideration given the value a mobile-hotspot function adds to a smartphone.

Regarding the openness to third-party apps, it seems that AT&T is finally willing to accept the open nature of the Android platform, something which has made the platform a success with other major US carriers.

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